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What is WorkLife Management?

Using psychology to help manage your working life

WorkLife Management Limited
is a business psychology consultancy founded in 1998 by Angela Mansi, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

WorkLife Management works with both public and private sector clients and specialises in senior management recruitment, assessment, selection and development, particularly dysfunctional management. It has a growing reputation (see testimonials and publications) for helping senior managers to address potentially dysfunctional behaviours or ‘dark side’ traits. It also has extensive experience in helping organisations with problems at senior management level, such as conflict management, interpersonal skills training and career development.

Other areas of consultancy include:

Selection and psychometric assessment including MBTI, HPI, HDS, GAT.
Career coaching, counselling and personal development
360 feedback and performance appraisal
Stress management workshops
Conflict management and resolution
Active listening skills
Interpersonal skills training for managers
Anger Management for senior managers

Angela Mansi:

“For the last two years, I have been working with an organisation based in the UK and USA as part of their senior management development programme, specialising in dysfunctional behaviours at work such as bullying, aggression and poor interpersonal and communication skills. This work has utilised skills developed through person-centred (Egan) training, as well as psychological theory, management experience and ACAS mediation training. Major aspects of consultancy have developed from research I conducted with the London Fire Service which explored different management styles when individuals were under pressure, and the effects this would have for them at work”.

“I am currently working with some City of London financial organisations, helping senior managers to develop more effective interpersonal skills and to manage conflict in a more constructive manner”.

enquiries: +44 (0)20 8368 5536