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Using psychology to help manage your working life

WorkLife Management works with clients from the individual to the multinational corporation, tailoring programmes to the specific needs of the client and situation. Clients include:

British Airways


London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

British Mediterranean Airways


Mid and West Wales Fire Authority

The Press Association


• M & B Peters

The Actuarial Profession

“Working with Angela helped me enormously when I was undertaking a huge life change. By combining her vast experience and knowledge together with her warm personality she enabled me to find my own inner strength and resources to face the future and develop my own strategies for moving forward.  Her support was invaluable” (Milica Timotic, Press Association)

“WorkLife Management has made a significant contribution to our senior management recruitment and selection programme over the last two years.  It has been a pleasure working with Angela Mansi in particular, who continues to facilitate the development of our senior managers through her valuable and useful developmental coaching.  She is a company asset!” (Hugo Burge, Vice-Chairman, Cheapflights)

“I have worked with Angela Mansi for over 7 years in her capacity as a consultant business psychologist, and it has always been a worthwhile experience, both for the fire brigade generally and me in particular. She brings to her work a professionalism, expertise and openness of personality that is refreshing and easy to work with.” (Philip Wilson, Senior Psychologist, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority)

enquiries: +44 (0)20 8368 5536